Week 11-Student Choice-Part 4

Version 1 (Left) and Version 2 (Right)

The strengths of 1 was that it was very simplistic and neutral tones. I made use of the negative space to shape the image. It was a sense of less is more in this situation.

I think the weakness of 1 is that it’s not clear for a distance. If it was printed, it will take some time to be understood.

The feedback I received from my classmates was mostly positive. One noted that the names are pretty small and unclear. An improvement would be to increase the font size of the names.

This time I reversed my image. There was no more negative space. I made the names clearer with a contrasting background (red) and a more readable bigger font.

I personally still like the first one more, but I used the constructive feedback given to me to try something I wouldn’t usually do. I like to describe the relationship between the two as same same but different. Same purpose. Same message. But different-ish way of presenting it.



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