Week 12-Art Activity-New Friends

I did not know my partner at all before this activity

I have a pretty good idea of what they are like now. Would like to be friends with them.

No not really. I mean people can have similar interest but not really click well IRL. Personality, attitude, and overall aura give off a person’s vibe.

Maybe Facetime and talk instead of just text. Share thoughts or advice, thats a great way to bond.

My partner and I used SnapChat to navigate. It worked because we are both pretty active users so it wasn’t hard to get a hold of each other. I think Instagram would have been a better platform because there we would be able to see what we post and possibly learn more about each other.

Padlet is great. I love it. I’ve been using it ever since middle school. I haven’t used my account in a while and found a Padlet on a book report I did 5 years ago! I don’t think any platform would have been better.

I can connect with people within my field via LinkedIn OR in major related classes. Also, BeachConnect is a great platform to use.



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